• NEWBORN GIFT PACK (box included)
  • NEWBORN GIFT PACK (box included)
  • NEWBORN GIFT PACK (box included)

NEWBORN GIFT PACK (box included)



What's inside this package?

-4 Balms for $65

-Gift Pack $4

-(FREE pouch worth $5)

Having a newborn baby is like the beginning of all things. Hope, wonder & a dream of possibilities.

Paying a new mom a visit? Invited to a baby shower? Surprise them with a little something today! These balms have become part of many children's everyday health essentials in every way!

Bring a smile to their faces by giving them these colouful pweety pastel gift boxes. The Balms are brewed with all natural ingredients that are safe & gentle for newborn babies & these gift boxes are handcrafted with so much love & dedication especially for you!

NEWBORN GIFT PACK consist of 4 balms, the best choices to start with for early days.

BREATHE for cough, flu, phlegm, respiratory congestion, etc.

SMOOTH for nappy rash, heat rash, cradle cap, skin irriration, etc.

RELIEVE for colic, constipation or any stomach discomfort.

CALM for sleeping and relaxation. Massage whole body before nap time or bedtime to soothe baby to sleep.

*All balms will be packed nicely in a gift box along with a FREE pouch worth $5 & a gift card! Don't forget to include recipient's name under note section before check out!