They are homemade and natural! They are safe to be used on expectant mothers as early as their first trimester. Positive feedbacks were given by expecting mamas who have used them personally, they feel more relaxed and relieved after using these muscle and tummy balms and they seemed to be able to sleep better at night too.

Please take some time to go through the ingredients and other details before placing your order.

RELAX promotes relaxation as well as to soothe body ache.

RELIEVE helps with bloating and constipation which are very common symptoms in pregnancy.

BOND WITH LOVE  (Birth cream):

Apply as a belly rub. Talk to baby while rubbing. It helps moisten your skin, soothe itchiness & soften the ligaments.

Natural moisturiser for your growing belly to promote soft & delicate skin. At the same time, bond with your baby through the sweetness of Lavender & Frankincense essential oils.

The essential oils used is relaxing and helps soften ligaments. Your ligaments have to soften up to allow your pelvis to expand for baby to pass through. Massage at the lower back or abdomen.

(Post Birth)
Gentle & Effective in dealing with painful muscle cramps after childbirth. The essential oils used can help reduce stretch marks and scars. Also mild & suitable as a skin moisturiser for your newborn baby.


As with any products, it is important to always test a small amount on your hand before applying to the rest of the body, to make sure you don’t have any kinds of allergies. Some essential oils can cause skin irritation, so if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, it is vital to conduct a test first and wait atleast one day to see if there is any reactions.

This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.

*Results may vary