Mini Balm Set (old)


In this pack, you will be getting all complete 7 MINI BALMS in 15ml! + FREE DRAWSTRING BAG

1. Breathe - Nasal Congestion

2. Smooth - Skin irritation

3. Relieve - Stomach discomfort

4. Relax - Muscle ache

5. Calm - Relaxation/Sleeping

6. Repel - Insect Repellent

7. Boost - Immune booster

Perfect for ON-THE-GO, for travel & for gifts! Especially during this cov-eid since you won’t be meeting them and unable to celebrate in a big function. How about send a virtual gift?


You may also include any other gift you would like to add on in our earth-friendly drawstring bag!


- A new mom who are new to essential oils and would like to buy a trial set to see if products work well on their baby.

- A mom who would like to send a gift to her postpartum friend who have just given birth.

- A mom who is an avid user of our balms and would prefer a mini version (lighter in weight and easy to carry) For travel, field trip, any occasion! Stay safe while you’re on the-go or having an outdoor activity.

- Holiday or staycation.

- Surprise gift for your special friend or family!

- For yourself! Because you like cute stuff!