My Pregnancy Care Pack


If you are expecting and wonder what balms/sprays shall you get for yourself? These 4 would be a good start.

DREAM CATCHER - To help you catch your sleep at night! Spray some on pillows and yourself for calming and relaxing sensation. This is our Best Seller item. A must have in every home. 

BOND WITH LOVE - Perfect moisturiser cream for your growing belly! You’d love this natural rosey smell on your bump, Rub this on your belly & bond with your baby every after bath & before bedtime. It also helps reduce itchiness naturally & prevent stretch marks! What a perfect combo! All in one! 

RELIEVE - Common Pregnancy symptoms such as constipation, heartburn, bloatedness, some also experience diarrhea during third trimester. Basically this balm relieves all kinds of stomach discomfort & need not to worry because they are safe to use for pregnant women. The lesser the chemical the better or best NOT AT ALL! 

RELAX - This is a must have for your body ache, shoulder ache, back pain, swelling feet, sore muscle, muscle cramps! You name it! If all these been borthering you during your sleep, how about try this muscle balm? Treat yourself today, enjoy a good massage & Relaxxx. Every pregnant women loves to be pampered with a massage. That’s for sure! 

Green juice recipes can be found many online! Google away! 

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