• Silky Hair Serum

Silky Hair Serum




Silky hair serum can reduce frizz, and add shine, flexibility and strength to your hair.


What are the benefits to the hair?

Extra Virgin Coconut oil- Anti microbial, antioxidant, penetrate cuticles, reduces water loss.

Sweet Almond Oil- Adds shine to the hair.

Vitamin E- Encourages circulation to the scalp. Helps prevent dry and split ends.

Lavender- Relaxing, Calming.

Rosemary- Stimulating hair growth.

Ylang Ylang- Decrease hair loss.

Tea Tree- Soothe dry itchy scalp.



Use on dry or wet hair, before or after styling. Do not rinse out. Dispense a small amount and massage into hair ends. Apply the serum as needed. Shake well before each use.

This homemade hair serum helps repair hair and has a pleasant aroma, It can be used when your hair is damp or when it’s dry. If your hair is damp, apply a few drops of the serum to your fingertips and lightly spread it across your hands. Work your hands through your hair to distribute the serum. Let your hair dry and style it as usual. If you’re only concerned about split ends making your hair look dull, spread a tiny bit of serum on your hands and only apply it to the tips of your hair.