Aafiya Community

This is a private group hosted by Aafiya Essentials. Dedicated to all our valuable customers, mothers & soon-to-be mummys.

A place for mothers to ask questions or provide feedback about our handmade products. To share or exchange valuable information, knowledge and their experiences with those who are new in this journey.

This is a closed-knit platform for all mothers who would like to empower themselves about Birth, Natural Healing & Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies.

At Aafiya Essentials, we honour mothers as queen of the family and we believe that mothers are a true game changer. A happy family starts with a happy Mother. When a Mother is supported and surrounded with positive vibes, she will be motivated to do better for herself & family. Learn from each other's experiences, keep an open mind despite the never-ending challenges in motherhood.

Let us get to know you, let us hear you & let us support one another without any judgements.

Join our community & connect with like-minded people! Together, we can create positive vibes & build a tribe! Be in the know! Be the first to watch our online videos, get updates on our latest products, monthly discounts, special promos & upcoming events!