Doula Services

Every mother deserves an empowering birth

Every pregnancy, birth and baby is different, so we tailor our support to your individual needs. Doula Sri comes with a ‘doula kit’ one of it is our signature birth pack that she created specially for her clients to help with managing pregnancy discomfort and labor process as well as other labor tools that can help you stay relaxed and focus, and from our experience, will help you to achieve a positive birth experience.

Doulas not only support the women, they also support the birth partner. It can be very hard to see your loved one in pain, and some partners are just as anxious, if not more than the women, and feel that they also need the support of someone who understands the environment and the language used in birth settings. The doula’s role is not to replace the dad/partner, but to help them find the best way to support their loved one during the labour and birth.

Thank you to my family, friends and clients who graciously allowed me to share their most scared moments of birth! One of my greatest honors is serving you!


(Available February onwards)

1 Prenatal Birth Plan
Pregnancy Care Pack
Birth Essentials Pack
3 Prenatal catch ups
On call at home & in hospitals (37 weeks - 42 weeks)
Online resources
1 Postnatal home visit
FREE consultation
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