Aafiya Essentials Journey

  • Aafiya Essentials Official Grand Opening

    Family. ❤ Yesterday, 12th May 2018 we celebrated Aafiya Essentials Grand Opening.First and formost, Thank you Allah swt for everything. Thank you for letting me be a wife, a mother & let me live up to my dreams running this humble business since 2016. Aafiya Essentials will be 2 years in july... View Post
  • Aafiya Essentials begins..

    A new chapter for Aafiya Essentials begins tomorrow. A little nervous yet super excited. The preparation has been immensely crazy. Less than 24 hours left and we are still going through our punch list to see if we missed out anything. It is now 99% complete! Curtain is up! 1% left to hang up the ... View Post
  • Suntec Talk

    "A business may look glamorous from the outside. but only an entrepreneur knows the dirty and gritty side of the blood, sweat and tears it takes to be successful". #aafiyaessentialsjourney -Thank you @dewi.smcci for having us to share a little bit of our story on your previous event, during Inter... View Post