About Us

Dear Mummies,


I’m Doula Sri, Founder of Aafiya Essentials.

As a certified childbirth educator and a leading birth doula, I’ve always wanted to help empower mothers with the knowledge and support needed to help them through pregnancy and childbirth. The natural healing products we’ve created aren’t just born from years of experience, research and practice, but also from speaking to mothers of varying pregnancy and childbirth journeys.

As a mother myself, I know that you can sometimes feel lost and lonely as even those closest to you may not be able to fully understand what you’re going through. That’s why I created Aafiya Essentials. We’re a community of mothers who have gone through all kinds of experiences and are here to offer you the helping hand you need.

We've learned that every mother’s experience is unique and extraordinary in its own way. On top of the wide array of products and workshops we have, our goal is to also build a blooming community that provides support and knowledge for mothers. Pregnancy and childbirth are as beautiful as they can be scary, and we want you to know that we are here to walk this journey with you.

Aafiya Essentials isn’t just about keeping a positive image and mindset—we’re also about acknowledging the fears, anxieties and uncertainties, and ensuring that you are never alone when it comes to facing them. 

Aafiya Essentials isn’t just a brand, it’s a platform where you can pick up valuable information, inspiring stories and also ask questions without fear or judgement. If you’re a new follower, the best place to start is to join and follow our @aafiyacommunity. While motherhood can be a challenging journey, know that you are never alone in it. We are here as a part of your tribe.



Sriyati Rahm Packer