Aafiya Essentials Official Grand Opening

Family. ❤

Yesterday, 12th May 2018 we celebrated Aafiya Essentials Grand Opening.

First and formost, Thank you Allah swt for everything. Thank you for letting me be a wife, a mother & let me live up to my dreams running this humble business since 2016. Aafiya Essentials will be 2 years in july & Alhamdulillah for another milestones achieved. It was indeed a beautiful day. A simple get together for us & our beloved ones to celebrate the official opening of our new store. Started with Doa selamat, jamuan for the guests & cake cutting. So many excitement in just one day, thankful that everything went well, more than what I expected. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you Abah & Ibu for all your help. This dream wouldn't be a success without your constant prayers. I'm blessed to have a loving family who have always supported me since Day 1 & have faith in what I do for living.

Thank you to my dearest husband for being the best business partner cum personal advisor & for allowing me to work from home. This man is the one who worked so hard behind the scene for my company yet never complain. Not forgotten, an awesome Father to Sarah. I dedicate this achievement whole heartedly to our beloved daughter, Sarah Aafiya cause if it wasn't for her, Aafiya Essentials wouldn't exist in the first place & I wouldn't be inspired to help other mothers.

Being a mother have changed my perspective about life priorities. My utmost priority will always be my family. This little girl right here has inspired me in so many ways, she made me a stronger person than I was ever before. Please make doa for my little Aafiya, The one who made me an Ummy. The one who motivate me to work harder everyday for Aafiya Essentials.

There's this quote, "To the world you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world". You might lose your friends but you will never lose your family. Treasure them while they are still around. Happy Mothers Day to all! ❤
P/S: I have so many people I would like to thank but now, I have to get ready for our #douladakwah event later. Till next post! 😘