Our Story

Aafiya means “Good Health” in arabic.
Aafiya Essentials was founded in 2016 with a goal to "Empower Mothers in Natural Healing" starting from Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding & beyond.
It all started after she gave birth to her firstborn named Aafiya, her child was sick and refused to take any kinds of medications. After she had many incidents and experiences that natural remedies work wonders and probably is the best to offer at such a young age, she expand her knowledge & started to sell the products in a small batch.
A Mother who has a strong passion about Birth and Essential oils. A mother who wants to help another mother.
Sriyati Rahim is a Certified Childbirth educator and a Certified Birth Doula.
She believes that Birth is a natural process and every women should go through it in the most gentle way possible.
She is known for her Signature collection, “My Birth Essentials Pack” The First Birth Pack formulated in Singapore. Doula Sri invented the birth pack back in September 2016 as an additional tools to manage pain while supporting her clients in labour, since then, it has benefited many mothers in various ways & became a helpful tools for them during labour process and turns out to have a calmer/gentler birth.
We are here to educate moms about childbirth education  & natural healing. We want to share more with you how natural remedies not only effective for babies and children when they are unwell but it can also soothe the pain you are going through during labour process.
Our Natural products are known to help common ailments for babies & children as well as ease common discomfort during pregnancy, labour & birth.

Read the raving reviews to know how our products have helped many individual in various ways & we hope their stories will inspire you to love the healing power of nature!