Milestone Gift Set

Our Baby Gift Set is an ideal gift for new mothers who wish to begin their journey of natural healing while also keeping track of their milestones, cherishing their first year while admiring the smiles and laughter, celebrating their growth, and embracing the journey with their baby.

Milestones Card in two colour way Pink or Beige with a set of Mini Balms at $55 (U.P $60.80)

Balms: Breathe, Smooth, Relieve, Calm & Boost

This set contains 1 pouch, 1 cover page with a message at the back from Doula Sri, 12 number cards for each month and 4 Big Milestone moments for you to capture. Our cards are also printed both front and back with curve edges to protect your love ones and has a matte finish for easy baby shots at any angle.

Card Specifications:

17 Cards

Card measurements 100 x 140

Curve printing

Matte Finish

Beige Gift set
Pink Gift set