Mini Balm Set (basic)

Mama, this is good for those who are new & would like to try our products for the first time! It has the basic 5 that you need for your baby! Affordable price & perfect as a gift too!

Small and handy for at-home use (especially night time during wee hours, where you need to apply the balm hourly). or for use on the go Lightweight enough to fit in your diaper bag!

This set contains 5 Basic Balms that are ideal for the early days and are suitable for people of all ages!

Our balms are also suitable for newborns. This natural balm, made with 100 percent pure essential oils and organic ingredients, is a must-have for all parents at home who want to nurse their sick children, maintain good health, and boost immunity.

It's ideal as a gift for any occasion! A healthy baby makes a happy mummy, whether it's a birthday present or a postpartum gift for your lovely mummy friends who have recently given birth.

This set comes with a FREE pouch.