Basic Newborn Set


What's inside this package?

Our 4 Best Sellers Balms for your Newborn Baby!

Having a newborn baby is like the beginning of all things. Hope, wander & a lot of decisions making. Healthy baby is always a priority.

Or are you paying a new mom a visit?

Or Invited to a baby shower?

Surprise them with a little something today! These balms have become part of many children's everyday health essentials in every way!

Bring a smile to their faces by giving them something useful for their baby’s health. The Balms are brewed with an all natural ingredients that are safe & gentle for newborn babies.

BASIC NEWBORN SET consist of 4 x 30ml Balms:

BREATHE for cough, flu, phlegm, respiratory congestion, etc.

SMOOTH for nappy rash, heat rash, cradle cap, skin irriration, etc.

RELIEVE for colic, constipation or any stomach discomfort.

CALM for sleeping and relaxation. Massage whole body before nap time or bedtime to soothe baby to sleep.

 ***This set comes with a FREE drawstring bag***



Thank you Mummy for always rubbing me with these natural goodness balms! I love them all! I love how each balm aid me in every single way. from stomach wind to nappy rash to cough and flu to tired muscles to fever & strengthen my immunity too! Let’s all be healthy together! I highly recommend these all natural baby safe products to all my little friends cause I definitely love how I smell every after bath! All Fresh & Clean waiting to be kissed by my Mummy!


Your very happy baby