Postpartum Healing Pack

POSTPARTUM HEALING PACK consists of 5 products in one package (FREE POUCH):

—Relax Your Muscles

—Bond With Love

—Beat The Blues

—Rock Your Body

—Oh Silky Hair

We like to call postpartum the "baby moon" This is a time to bond with this little bundle of love and be pampered yourself. Babies change your world. Enjoy this golden month, because your experience with this baby will only happen once for you.

There is still a lot going on in your body. It has just been through a BIG event, and it needs time to recover and come back into a new balance. This is an exciting time but it is also one of many changes, both hormonal and physical. Give your body the space it needs to come back into its perfect homeostasis.

Dads, this is a great day for you to break out your massage skills and pamper Mom with TLC. Applying essential oils to her back would be a perfect way to help her relax and release tension and feelings of being overwhelmed. This Postpartum Healing Pack is a need in every home.