Repel Roll On

Natural Insect Repellent Roller.
Shoo Mosquitoes!
Roll it on exposed area before going out for an adventure! This Natural Insect Repellent uses all natural ingredients, safe for babies (6months) & up! A unique blend consist of mild citronella essential oil to keep you away from mosquitoes!
If you prefer in a more concentrated form, you may also try this! Natural Insect Repellent "Roll On"

There are many essential oils, known for being excellent natural insect repellents. But this Homemade blend makes a great combination to repel mosquitoes away! It is specially brewed with love to protect our skin and our children from getting bit by mosquitoes! It contains powerful essential oils such as Lavender, Citronella, Tea Tree.

Easy to carry wherever you go! To apply, simply shake the bottle well and roll on exposed skin. The bugs will stay away and your skin will be nourished!