Welcome Baby Kit B

WELCOME BABY KIT (Newborn and Up)

Islamic Audio Device + Mini Balms Set

 (Available in Blue & Pink)

We believe “Health starts from young” So we created this beautiful package for you & your loved ones!

“WELCOME BABY KIT” is all about The Power of Al-Quran & Natural Healing right from Pregnancy, birth & beyond! Play the quran at the background while your precious little baby enjoying the massage with our all-natural baby balms! What an ideal combo!

Islamic Audio Device

Mind therapy (soothing sound) with best Al-Quran recitation by Ustaz Muzammil Hasballah and wonderful Zikir songs by MommyHana. Also include with White Noise, Mozart, Lullaby and Omar & Hana songs.

Age: Suitable for all kids ages including newborn.


-White Noise

-Ocean Wave

- Lullaby


-Surah Al-Fatihah

-Ayat kursi

- Surah Al Kahf (1-10)

- Surah Al Kahf (101-110)

- Surah Yasin

- Surah Al Waqiah

- Surah Al-Mulk

- Surah Al-Insyirah

- Surah Al-Qadr

- Surah Al-Kafirun

- Surah Al-Ikhlas

- Surah Al-Falaq

- Surah An-Nas

One month warranty.


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